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Too Good to be True?


As in anything, the world of education is ripe for “get rich quick” type schemes.  Things that seem like a good idea, and may have worked for a few students (or seemed to work on the surface) suddenly become the latest and greatest fads.  From brain balancing to national chain tutoring centers, there is a whole host of things out there designed to make your child succeed in school.

However, when yoru child has a defined disability such as dyslexia, there are certain research-based requirements that must be a part of an intervention program if you want your child to progress – especially if you are going to fork out money every month for something promising results.

For the best possible chance at making progress, here are the three things that any good dyslexia intervention program needs:

  1.  Multisensory Orton-Gillingham based instruction (aka Structured Language Therapy)
  2.  Daily practice of targeted concepts
  3. A skilled therapist

My friends at Lexercise have a great visual.  Think of it like a three-legged table – While there are many good programs, sincere tutors, and chain centers out there that want to help, without all three legs, the dyslexia treatment table is going to topple over.three legged stool

It’s so important to do your research before you sign on to a program that is supposed to “help” your dyslexic child.  I’ve seen the unfortunate result of children having been through tutors and chain centers with programs that only frustrated them more.  By the time they got to me, they were ready to throw in the towel, wondering what was wrong with them!  It takes some time for me to convince them that there is nothing wrong with them, it was just the wrong teaching style for the way their brain works.

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