Lexercise Dyslexia Therapy

Affordable, Convenient and Online

Lexercise is a unique online dyslexia program.  It’s easy to work into your family’s schedule with one weekly session where we guide your child through the structure of the English language.  The 26 levels are paced to meet your child’s individual needs.  After each weekly session, you and your child will have a personalized practice plan including games, structured reading activities, and fluency stories. Partnership and practice are key to this program. We also include Learning Ally and Raz-Kids for reading during the week.  These are apps downloadable to any device for accessible text.  Program fees are charged monthly via Lexercise.  Call today for pricing.

Take the Lexercise guarantee:

Your child will progress by one Lexile reading level within 8 sessions, or the next four sessions are free! Find out more here: Lexercise Professional Therapy

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