Tutoring Services


Students can begin to show signs struggle with pre-reading/reading concepts as early as pre-k.  Pre-flight is designed for pre-k/k/1st-grade students who are not yet ready for a full dyslexia intervention but would benefit from a multisensory, structured intervention. Lessons focus on pre-reading skills such as phonological awareness, oral language development, alphabetic awareness and progress into phonics and sight word work.

Multisensory Spelling

Scientific Spelling is an explicit, systematic approach to teaching spelling. Instruction is systematic and focuses on the structure of English words, including recurring spelling patterns and rules, as well as strategies to support the spelling of words not adhering to patterns and rules.  Content is broken into five chapters:


Regular words

Rule words

Irregular words


Weekly practice with parents is encouraged.

Program fees: (charged weekly, bi-weekly or monthly based on your budget through the MCRC)

Recommended sessions 2 times per week

Multisensory Comprehension  (developing metacognition)

This is more simply explained as thinking about our thinking as we read. Becoming a skilled reader means being able to think as they read. Developing Metacognitive Skills includes strategies helping students comprehend, retell, and summarize in both oral and written format what they are reading.

Multisensory Grammar and Written Composition

Words are traditionally classified as parts of speech based on their usage in a sentence.  This study will take the abstract idea of grammar and writing and make it concrete, understandable, and fun.  Color codes are used to introduce and reinforce the definitions and hands-on activities further students’ understanding of the different parts of speech. Appropriate for all grades levels.

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