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 "...[our daughter]  finished up her iReady test in reading and grew 100 points!! That's over 2 years...Thank you for all your help this year [Christy]... You've helped change [our daughter's] life and trajectory. We can't show you enough appreciation.    Thank you a million times."  3rd grade parent from Colorado


  "[Jen] has worked with our son for five months and developed a trusting rapport with him. She has a gentle nature...and is also a great support to me. She's part of our family now on Monday nights!"  5th grade parent in North Carolina

 "My son struggled in school to the point of hiding under his desk.  As he worked with Mrs. Barlowe, his ability and love for reading quickly developed.  The forever impact though was his confidence to tackle bigger things.  As he learned skills to help him be a stronger reader, he became a stronger student across the board, including English and math.  He is now a National Junior Honor Society student.   I’m confident he will excel in life because his foundation in reading was developed by Mrs. Barlowe.  Forever thankful."   2nd grade student in Texas

 "Hope has been helping my daughter, who is bilingual; improve her reading and writing skills. She really enjoys working with Hope as she is very kind, professional and responsible.” 3rd grade parent in New Mexico

"Our therapist from Lexercise, Andrea, went over and beyond to help our son gain confidence and understand her new reading concepts."  9th grade parent in Pennsylvania

 "I greatly appreciated her genuine and encouraging words to my struggling reader. He gained confidence and skill, and we recommend Lexercise and Stephanie to other parents who have 'tried everything else'."  2nd grade parent in Texas

 “I just wanted to express my gratitude for the work Kristen Mulos did with my daughter. She could not read prior to working with Kristen. She is now a successful "A honor" roll student."  Parent in Texas

"I feel like Sherri truly cared that my son understood each concept before moving to the next one. I also loved that she took time to ask him questions and get to know him on a personal level. Our family highly recommends Sherri as an online tutor." Parent in Texas

 "If it were not for Vicki Littleton’s consistent, diligent, persistent work with our son, he would not have the skills and techniques necessary to be successful both academically and personally today and throughout his future."  Parent in Texas

"For 6 years I have worked with my son through various reading and spelling programs for dyslexia.  I heard about Lexercise and thought that this would be a great way for my son to get the help he needed.  I was not wrong.   I have seen tremendous growth and progress since working with our Lexercise therapist, Christy.  I am blown away and at how quickly my son has progressed.  His non existent desire to read has rapidly turned into the beginning of a new love for reading.   He has been given invaluable tools that will go with him for the rest of his life.  Thank you Lexercise, and Christy for making a huge difference!"  8th grade parent in New Mexico

"I cannot say enough good things about Lexercise and the reading therapy that you  [Jen] have provided to him. If it wasn't for Lexercise we would still really be struggling. We do not live in an area where structured reading therapy is available or even known about much. The way Lexercise works has really been such a blessing for us. It has been well worth the time and the cost. My sister is a first grade teacher here in our county and she has recommended Lexercise to several of her student's parents, based on our experience....SO thank you, thank you, thank you!" 6th grade parent in Georgia


" 12 year old son came to me one Sunday afternoon and broke my heart when he  told me "Mom, its' so embarrassing in Sunday School class when they ask me to read out loud, because I read so slow and read words that aren't there."  I wanted desperately, as any mother would,  to help him but didn't know how. So I began looking online about dyslexia (which my brother was diagnosed with) and we took a few different online tests which suggested that he did have dyslexia. I saw a link about Lexercise and contacted them. To my surprise it was exactly what we needed - something at home but live with someone other than me. When I had my first meeting with [Christy] I knew you was going to be so good for him. She is  so caring, upbeat and fun. He loves all the games that she plays  with him that he says it doesn't feel like learning at all and for a 12 year old boy who doesn't like school very much, because its' hard for him, to look forward to sessions with you speaks volumes about you as a therapist and an educator. He is reading so much better and with less effort than before. He's much more confident in his ability to read in public now. 

Spelling was a complete nightmare for us with him. I was at a giving up point with his spelling and trying to help him improve before we met you and was introduced to Lexercise. He couldn't even spell simple words way below his grade level  before we began therapy with you.  He could remember the words long enough to pass a spelling test but then a few days later in a writing assignment he wouldn't be able to remember the spelling. Now he is spelling all the words on the spelling lists that you give him correctly and other words too because he uses the unblending method and other tools that you have taught him. Which has also helped me as a homeschooling mom to use these methods with my younger children. 

My husband and I just can not express just how appreciative and thankful we are for your help and patience with him over the last few months. We will forever be grateful to you." 7th grade parent in Virginia


"My family is so grateful to have a program like Lexercise! Living in a rural area we searched everywhere for a program that could help our struggling first grader. Lexercise allows families like ours access to therapy that we can’t find locally.

As of today our son,  has been working with the Lexercise program for three months now and we have seen great improvement in his writing, reading and phonics skills. Our therapist, Andrea, is absolutely amazing, we couldn’t ask for a better therapist. Andrea has the knowledge, patience and kindness that he needs to succeed. He is doing so much better in school and is learning skills that put him ahead of his peers, something he is not used to. We highly recommend the Lexercise to program!" -2nd grade parents in North Carolina

"My daughter, age 7, was not reading. She expressed a desire to read so she could learn whatever and whenever she wanted to. We tried to teach her for 2 years and nothing seemed to work. We were introduced to Lexercise, met with Andrea aka Mrs. G and she went from pre primary reading level to full first grade in 4 months. Mrs G is patient, encouraging, and has fun while teaching her. She enjoys the games and is still challenged with them on a daily basis. I couldn't say enough about this program. As a homeschooling parent, I wanted what was best for my daughter and Lexercise and Mrs G. have given 100% to her. " - 1st grade parent in Florida 

"A little over a year ago, we were losing hope. We had two dyslexic children struggling to keep up. Both not progressing a single reading level within a year. My 3rd grader was barely reading at a 1st grade level. My 2nd grader couldn’t write a legible sentence. We thought we had tried everything. We tried after school tutoring, summer tutoring, independent tutoring, but nothing progressed. They were pulled out of class four days a week for dyslexia sessions through their 504 with no success. We read. Then we read more. But still no progression. Then we found Lexercise! Both kids progressed a reading level within the first few months! In little over a year they were reading at grade level! We now know the importance of a Certified Academic Language Therapist and have LOVED our tutor Sherri! She’s the best!! We love the ease of the online tutoring and lessons. Sherri keeps them engaged and focused as if she was sitting right next to them. We highly recommend Lexercise and the Multisensory Reading Center. We couldn’t have done it without them!! THANK YOU! " - Parent of dyslexic siblings in Texas


"I wanted to tell you that we had our son's IEP meeting last week and his scores have gone up significantly. They take an assessment called MAPS and he's taken it a few times a year since the beginning of second grade. He made more progress in the last 12 weeks on the assessment than he did in second and third grade combined. I think this is largely due to your [Jen's] work with him, so thank you thank you thank you!!" -4th grade parent in New Mexico

"Lexercise has been a life-changer for my family. I have reviewed close to 20 different programs, but lexercise provided the quickest remediation with a clear plan.   I knew exactly what was expected of my child and what was expected of myself.  It took the stress away of not knowing if I was doing enough. My child was making clear cut
progress week in and week out.   He went from below grade level in reading to being in the top 5% of his class now.  He had previously had remediation for 3 years through a top ranked school system with no progress.   Lexericise not only helped with the reading, but also the spelling, the handwriting, and sentence structure, and more importantly his self confidence.  Ironically, I am a practice administrator for a pediatrics practice and we now recommend this to all of our patients as an remediation technique. As I tell our patients, give the 2 weeks a try. You will know whether or not it will help you child. The change is quite amazing! -3rd grade parent in West Virginia



"[My daughter] read for almost 30 minutes out loud to me last night. When I told her I was tired, she said, “ but mom, just one more book. I love reading.”
An amazing turnaround from the beginning of the year thanks to you [Christy O.]:)"  -Parent in Virginia

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