Avoid the Summer Brain Drain

You may have heard the term,”use it or loose it.” This rings true for students with learning differences during their summer hiatus. Summer learning loss can set kids back 2-3 months! It is not a good idea to swap school skills for fun in the sun all together. 

To avoid the “brain drain”, you can schedule weekly enrichment sessions with a qualified tutor.  Another idea is to have your child write in a daily journal. They can create a keepsake while sharpening their skills in written expression. You can help them revise and edit two entries a week to maintain strong spelling and grammar techniques. Of course, the local library is an incredible outlet for book clubs and literacy rich activities. Even adding the captions on the television with the sound off can help with fluency and  reading comprehension. 

There is a plethora of different learning apps and games to keep children learning on those long road trips. Check out this resource for recommended technology options. https://www.understood.org/en/school-learning/learning-at-home/encouraging-reading-writing/10-summer-learning-apps-and-games-for-tweens-and-teens

Measuring ingredients while cooking and reading instructions in a recipe is another engaging way to incorporate learning into summer entertainment. 

Summer Reading Lists can provide reluctant readers with motivation to complete the books and collaborate with other students. Start With a Book is a great program that offers parents guidance and activity choices to keep things interesting.  https://www.startwithabook.org

The bottom line is, that it is not necessary to maintain the same rigid school learning environment over the summer, however if you infuse academic elements into each day kids will be less behind when school starts back up. 

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