How Can a Pediatric Chiropractor Help My Child?

Have you ever wondered what a pedatric chiropractor does and how they could help your child? In our newest MSRC community partner interview, Dr. Justin Turner, of Expressing Life Chiropractic, goes into some chiropractic techniques that he uses to help his struggling patients. He discusses the journey with his son that led him to work primarily with children. Dr. Justin mentions how chiropractic care is not just for neck and back pain, infact he treats children that struggle with sensory issues, adhd, and so much more. You’ll find out that Dr. Turner’s son is also dyslexic, so he understands first hand the importance of early intervention. We discuss the similarieties between Expressing Life Chiropractic and Multisensory Reading Center. We both use initial assessments and data to develop indivialized treatment plans that best support the unique needs of the child. We also value the importance of working with qualified professionals that have the knowledge and tools to create lasting improvement for our clients. MSRC looks forward to learning more from Dr. Justin Turner, DC. We are grateful to work with him as a commuity partner.


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